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Curriculum & Course

Welcome to the CRA Learning Course Catalog

CRA Learning consists of group of professionals from multiple clinical disciplines and professional walks who have found a common link and passion for serving people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).  Specifically, we have all worked extensively on multiple projects, assisting and helping to facilitate the transition of individuals out of state institutions and into community living situations. As such, we have amassed considerable knowledge and expertise, and skills and experience in the field of Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities. Our desire is to share that with others who want to learn more, or share that same passion.


Much has changed in our understanding of, approach to and integration with people in our lives and around us having an intellectual/developmental disability diagnosis.  We have seen broad sweeping societal and service shifts and changes in knowledge, care, inclusion and life-span of people with I/DD.  While there is a concentration of information and expertise in this field, it remains outside the reach and grasp of what is considered mainline service delivery.   We here at CRA Learning want to change that, and couldn’t be more excited about sharing what we know and have experienced along with the broader body of knowledge in this field by providing you ongoing continuing education opportunities.


CRA Learning is developing a structured curriculum approach, allowing for us as educational and informational providers, as well as you as end-users, to probe this topic in depth, by beginning to develop both information-provision and information-acquisition strategies for you, as you continue to seek continuing education to meet your licensure requirements.


From the provision perspective, we’re organizing and clumping large volumes of information into a manageable means of preparing, outlining and layering information for purposeful intellectual and professional development.  From there, topics are evolving into courses that address subject matter into sub-groups, allowing for a more organized and in-depth capture of the broader topic.


From an end-user perspective, this huge, sometimes overwhelming topic becomes visible and gains an approachable perspective.  As a user, you may start out seeking information directly connected to your personal interests or professional discipline.  But as your information and exposure broadens, so may your topical perspective and interests.


By taking a structured curriculum approach to Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, our goal here at CRA Learning is to layer the presentation of information for your personal and professional growth and development.

Course Structure

In the 100-level courses we provide a fundamental and foundational perspective on the broader topic looking at aspects of incidence, pathophysiology, psycho-social and broad important healthcare considerations that impact Individuals (both adult and pediatric) with an Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities diagnosis.  It sets a tone for common language and understanding as we delve deeper


In the 200-level courses we dig deeper into the complexities and needs of individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, plus explore aspects of care and services both within and across professional disciplines that serve.


In the advanced 300-level courses will explore specific topics and interventional applications, examining current benchmarks, gold standard information and ground breaking efforts within the field.


In the 400-level courses, it is our desire to break-through current thinking and take an integrated view of our roles and they relate to others (across disciplines) serving the same individual, and how we think in terms of cross-consideration and integrated support of our discipline’s interventions as they relate to other disciplines work, and how we together impact and build and support an independent life for the individual(s) we are serving.


Join us on this deep-dive as we explore this body of knowledge we refer to as the field of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.  Our promise is that while the water is deep, it won’t be overwhelming, nor will the current be too swift.  But in the end, what you will experience is an exhilarating and exciting adventure.

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