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Welcome to the CRA Learning Course Catalog

CRA Learning consists of professionals from many clinical disciplines who have found a common link and passion for serving people with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Collectively, we have worked on hundreds of projects, helping to transition individuals out of state institutions and into community living situations. As a result, we have funneled thousands of hours of knowledge, skills and first-hand experience in the field of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities into these courses.

Join us on this deep-dive as we explore the field of Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities.
Our promise is that while the material is dense, it won’t be overwhelming.

Available Courses


Below, you will find a list of our available course offerings. You can purchase a single course or a bundle of courses depending on your needs, interests, and budget.

We have structured our courses and curriculum in a manner that facilitates an in-depth learning experience. Courses are progressive in nature. While there is no requirement to complete lower-level courses as prerequisites for latter courses, they are foundational knowledge pieces. Furthermore, our advanced courses rely on the knowledge, skills, and clinical resources provided in the introductory offerings.

Check out the courses below!

A Life of Opportunity & Choice: Transitioning from an Institution to a Home

“Carrie’s Story”

Join the CRA Learning Team as they share with you a specific case example transitioning an individual from residing in a state institution to living in the community. Learn about Carrie, her diagnoses, limitations, hopes, and dreams for a brighter future. Then learn from the CRA Learning team about the specific steps in the transition process, and the valuable role that clinicians of all disciplines can play in such transformative work.