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Giving professionals the tools they need to help individuals with disabilities thrive in the community.

For CRA Learning, helping individuals with developmental disabilities thrive in the community isn’t only a commitment, but also a passion. Through our work supporting individuals with developmental disabilities gain access to community residence, our team became aware of one glaring issue: Often the professionals who serve these individuals in the community have few resources for continuing education and professional development. They are left relying on what little information is provided during their college education. That’s why we developed Brighter Futures: to provide high-quality, evidence-based education and training to these awesome professionals doing amazing work and serving individuals with developmental disabilities in the community.


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Helping People Thrive

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Medical Considerations

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A Life of Opportunity & Choice: Transitioning from an Institution to a Home

“Carrie’s Story”

Join the CRA Learning Team as they share with you a specific case example transitioning and individual from residing in a state institution to living in the community. Learn about Carrie, her diagnoses, limitations, hopes, and dreams for a brighter future. Then learn from the CRA Learning team about the specific steps in the transition process, and the valuable role that clinicians of all disciplines can play in such transformative work.

Positive Behavioral Supports

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About CRA Learning

We believe that we all got into this field because we truly want to help better the lives of those living in the community with developmental disabilities.

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