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CRA Learning

Building Brighter Futures

Giving professionals the tools they need to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) thrive in the community.

For CRA Learning, supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) isn’t just our commitment, it’s our passion. Through our extensive work with the community, we noticed the professionals who serve these individuals don’t have the resources for continuing education and professional development. We developed CRA Learning to provide high-quality, evidence-based training to the professionals serving individuals with IDD.

Helping People Thrive

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Constructing Supporting Environments:

Finding Low-Tech Creative & Innovative Solutions for Enhancing Independence

Join the CRA Learning Team as we explore the topic of enhancing independence and safety while helping those with IDD thrive in the community. Topics include: home accessibility, low-tech solutions for ADL performance, creative solutions for home-based nursing needs, functional communication strategies, low-tech sensory supports at home and in the community, and supporting the supporters.

A Life of Opportunity & Choice:

Transitioning from an Institution to a Home

“Carrie’s Story”

The CRA Learning Team walks you through transitioning an individual from a state institution to living in the community. Meet Carrie and learn about her diagnoses, limitations, hopes, and dreams for a brighter future. In addition, our team will guide you through the transition process and the valuable role clinicians play in this field of work.

A Unified Approach:

Working as a Team

How do you take a group of health care professionals and create a system around an individual’s needs? In this course, we dive into the world of integrated care. Our team speaks from hands-on experience in developing and implementing integrated clinical approaches to support individuals with IDD. You’ll learn how to assemble a group, select leadership, share responsibilities, coordinate and collaborate between disciplines, resolve conflict, and the importance of customer service.