ACS Alumni Golf


It all began in 2008 with a thought to find something fun to do for the alumni and their friends.  What’s more fun than hacking around a golf course, and winning great raffle prizes?

The tournament committee includes Paul Sterett, Joe Sterett, Keith Sterett, Nelson Parris, and Mike O’Neil.

Our goal

Our goal as a committee is to provide an excellent golfer experience for everyone who plays in the tournament.  Each golfer who comes out for the event is gracious with their time and money for our cause.  We want to respect both by hosting a fun tournament with lots of value.

When all the raffles are called out and the last golfer heads home, we want them to already be looking forward to next year and to tell all their friends about how much fun they had!

Tournament Proceeds

Alleluia Community School

The proceeds of each event benefit the elementary, middle, and high school students of the Alleluia Community School.

Projects Completed

Over the years our golfers and sponsors have helped us improve numerous areas of the school.  For the first time in the history of ACS, each classroom and the gym has AC.  Some older alumni may think we’ve gotten soft, but the current students appreciate it .  Other improvements include new playground equipment, new security doors, and roofs.